I own Jimbo’s Charters in Cape Coral, and if there is a Veteran trip that I know of and I have the funds and time available his/her trip is no charge for them. (for newly discharged Disabled Veterans,  Active Duty,  disabled Veterans unable to work due to Military connected disability) I’ve been doing this with my own money and I cant sustain it as much as I would like to. Currently if they want to bring their family then all I can offer is a military discount. This is where the go fund me comes into action. As donations come in I will be able to provide Veterans that need the anxiety and depression relief a trip out to the beaches and fishing for the day. Will you help me STOP 22 VETERAN SUICIDES A DAY?   Currently I can only do a handful of free trips a year. With your support I would like to do around 30-50 trips per year for our nations Veterans.               

  A donation of $250 will get a Veterans trip out for a full day of fishing therapy.

Smaller donations adds up to trips for Vets, so please help as you can.                                                                 

​                                                                         Click on the button below to help STOP 22 VETERAN SUICIDES A DAY.

                         In addition as I get this going, I am going to create another page under Jimbo's Outdoors and post every trip. 

                                                                           This way you see where your donations are going.

                                                                                                     Thank you and God Bless 

!!!This page is work in progress!!!

​​Jimbo's Outdoors

Adventures Outdoors to help with Anxiety and Depression from PTSD

 Helping our Nations Veterans

Through outdoor adventures, Hiking, Camping, Hunting, Fishing, Diving anything outdoors that will help the mission.

Jimbo’s Outdoors

Jimbo’s Outdoors is about showing Veterans with Stress, Anxiety and Depression from PTSD the awesome power of being outdoors. Wide open spaces without a connection to the internet or phone. Bringing Veterans together in a healthy Outdoors atmosphere to help in an anxiety and depression detoxifying process. Veterans talking with other Veterans is the most helpful situation we can be in. It helped me, I’ve helped others and I want to do more. Once they have had this outdoors experience and see how it relieves them, they can then learn to selfheal just by being in the great outdoors and feel the troubles fade away and maybe ask another Veteran to go along the way. I am going to show people how to get into being outdoors-man/women. Starting with fishing and go onto camping, hiking, hunting, exploring, beach time, boating time, sightseeing, anything that is outside that can relieve PTSD symptoms and bring things back into perspective for Veterans.

I am one person on a trying to help others through what I have been through. I have PTSD, Anxiety and Depression, and the outdoors is my saving grace. My mind wonders into peaceful places when I am out there. Hanging out with other Veterans is healing in itself and add in being Outdoors, Stress, Anxiety and Depression fades away quickly. When I come back I am rested and at peace. When anxiety and or depression starts creeping back in again, I head out, either on the water or into the woods.

My mission is to get Veterans together and do outdoor activities during summer and fall and create adventures that will include traveling to the mountains and back country for camping, hiking, hunting, river fishing and all other outdoors activities to relieve Anxiety and Depression. I currently am not looking to start a non-profit headache on my accord. But just get Vets together and do things, not looking to make a profit nor go broke.

I will show the costs of the adventures, from a short weekend outing, to longer trips. Also show what is available for Veterans and their families, like free Park passes and National forest accesses. Where to camp what to bring and so on. This way if they can’t go out on an adventure with me they can still accomplish it the way I did, or even better because they will have beforehand knowledge. Being outdoors isn't an expensive thing to do unless you want it to be.